$1848 Checks Arriving in Less Than 72 Hours ~ Who is Eligible and How Can You Claim this New Payment?

If you are waiting for your next payment, there is no need to worry. Here you will find the date on which your $1848 Check Payment will arrive. Millions of Americans are anticipating their next Social Security payment which may become available in December 2023. If you are wondering if the payment is available with increased COLA then you just visit the official website and know the actual updates.

According to the government as well as the Social Security Administration, the COLA will increase by 3.2% in 2024 and you will receive the Social Security increased payment in January 2024. If you are running out of money then this USD 1848 Check Payment will give you some relief. You can read this article till the end to know all the updates related to this payment.

$1848 Checks Arriving in Less Than 72 Hours

It is the last month of this year 2023 and many beneficiaries are expecting higher payments from Social Security. As per the official update, this month the eligible beneficiaries will get the social security benefits for which the mode of payment has been determined as per the date of birth.

If you are receiving Social Security Payments before May 1997 your payment will be made on the 3rd of each month and if there is a holiday your payment will be made before the 1st of each month. If you are a beneficiary of Social Security after May 1997 then the payment will be available according to the date of birth as I have explained in the sections below. If you are worried about your payment then first check its requirements.

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December Social Security Payment Dates 2023 – Overview

Article On$1848 Checks Arriving in Less Than 72 Hours
DepartmentSocial Security Administration
BeneficiaryRetirees (Senior)
Payment TypeSocial Security Payment
CategoryGovt Aid
Social Security Payment DateDecember 2023
Official Websitessa.gov

USD 1848 Checks Coming Shortly

The second, third and fourth Wednesdays are scheduled for the release of Social Security payments to those eligible. Social Security Payment Dates 2023 depend on your date of birth and you will receive further payments accordingly. If you are suffering from a tight budget and cannot meet your daily needs, this $1848 Social Security Check will be available to you and can be used to manage your cost of living during this time.

If you have also contributed to the Social Security Program, payments will be based on total contributions and your work history, which can be at least 35 years. This amount can be given to people of 65 years of age and above. Further updates regarding this can be seen in the following sections. I hope you find information related to your Social Security payments here.

$1848 Checks Arriving in Less Than 72 Hours ~ Who is Eligible and How Can You Claim this New Payment?

When will I Receive My Social Security Check This Month?

Social Security Payment is made for eligible people after retirement. If you have retired and are looking for government assistance, you can start your Social Security Benefits. The Social Security Payment typically occurs on the 3rd of each month if you have received the Social Security before May 1997. Otherwise, the Payment will be generated on the Second, Third, and Fourth Wednesday of each month. According to your birth date, Social Security Payment is also determined. So if you are looking for the Social Security Payment Dates then you need to check the following points carefully.

  • If your Birth Date falls between the 1st and 10th of each month then Social Security Payment will be available on the Second Wednesday. In December 2023 it will be available on the 13th date.
  • If your birth date falls between the 11th and 20th of each month then the Social Security Payment will be available on the Third Wednesday. In December 2023 it will be on the 20th Date.
  • If your birth date falls between the 21st and 31st of each month then the Social Security Payment will be available on the Fourth Wednesday. For December 2023, the date will be the 27th date.
  • If you are receiving the Social Security Payment before May 1997 then the payment will be available on the 3rd of each month.

What Date is My December 2023 Payment Arriving?

Social Security payments are typically available on the 3rd of each month. So the December payment will come on December 3, 2023, for those who received benefits before May 1997. After that, the Social Security Payment 2023 will be calculated based on the date of birth as I have mentioned in the above section. The payment will be credited to your bank account within 72 hours after the department releases the payment.

This social security amount will be received in the bank account only by those eligible people who fulfil the complete eligibility. You can also apply for benefits for your dependent according to the rules and regulations set by the Social Security Administration. Now if you are expecting your December Social Security Payment Date 2023 then the upcoming payment will be available on December 27, 2023. Your Social Security Benefits will then be available in January 2024 with the January 2023 payment dates being January 3, January 10, January 17, and January 24. Starting in January, you’ll get the increased amount because the COLA will increase by 3.2% in 2024.

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What If My Payment doesn’t arrive by the Expected Date?

Millions of Americans receive these Social Security payments after retirement. Benefits are provided to you electronically through direct deposit into your bank account. The payment will be delayed for some time but once released you will have to wait at least 72 hours to receive it. If the time is longer than usual then you can contact SSA and know the reason for the delay in payment. If funds have been released from the SSA but you have not yet received them, you can call 800-772-1213 or contact the Social Security office to review the case of the missed payment.

Direct deposit may take longer if you choose the paper check option. Whenever a check is issued for your payment the authorities will send you a mail with the track ID for it which can be used to track the payment. If you look at the payment after it is released from SSA, you cannot miss the payment. If it takes more time than usual to receive the cheque, you can contact a higher authority and inform them about it. You can also track payments by logging into My Account on the SSA website. For more updates and any doubts, you can leave a comment in the comment box below. I will try to solve your problem with our expert team.

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