NJ Minimum Wage ~ Check Out the Latest Minimum Wage Increase in New Jersey?

If you run a business, whether small or big, it is always important for you to ensure that your business remains prepared and compliant. Minimum wage is a standard by which employers must not underpay workers. However, the Minimum Wage is revised every year by the concerned government.

If you want to get more detailed information about NJ Minimum Wage then read this article which will give you the expected idea of what is the Minimum Wage in New Jersey, as well as how the NJ Minimum Wage is calculated and what to do if someone pays an employee less than the minimum wage, and What is the fine? If you want to know more updates then need to read this article and collect the updates available here.

NJ Minimum Wage

The NJ Minimum Wage may be higher than the federal minimum wage. According to the latest update, the minimum wage for most workers in New Jersey will increase by $14.13 to $15 an hour effective January 1, 2024. Additionally, for employees working in a small organization, the NJ Minimum Wage has increased to $12.93.

The Minimum Wage for Agricultural Workers could be increased to $12.01. The minimum wage is enforced for small and large-sized businesses throughout New Jersey. The minimum wage applies to most employees working in the state of New Jersey, with limited exceptions such as student workers, minors under the age of 18, salespeople, tipped employees, and other exempt occupations.

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Minimum Wage New Jersey for 2024 – Overview

StateNew Jersey
Article OnNJ Minimum Wage
NJ Minimum Wage for 2024$15 per Hour
2023 Minimum Wage in New Jersey$14.13
Minimum Wage in NJ Set byConsumer Price Index (CPI)
New Minimum Wage Rate Effective in New Jersey1st of January 2024

Minimum Wage in New Jersey 2024

The NJ Minimum Wage is also tied to the Consumer Price Index which is intended to increase according to the inflation rate. The Minimum Wage in NJ is also calculated according to various factors where inflation is the most considered point. According to the changes, the minimum wage also fluctuates and all sectors are required to implement the minimum wage for their employees.

It is also mandatory for all employers in New Jersey to post promotional posters to let employees know the New Jersey Minimum Wage rate and their rights as designed under NJ Labor Law. It’s also worth noting that not every employer is required to pay their Employees Minimum Wage if their business is specifically exempted from minimum wage. More details can be seen in the following sections.

NJ Minimum Wage ~ Check Out the Latest Minimum Wage Increase in New Jersey?

New Jersey Minimum Wage Increase 2024, How Much?

According to the latest updates and the Consumer Price Index, New Jersey is being moved to the new minimum wage for 2024, where employees will receive a NJ Minimum Wage increase from employers. This will impact small businesses as well as big businesses where lakhs of employees are still working. The employer is also required to provide the minimum wage prescribed by the State Government as it is the right of all employees to receive a stipend not less than the minimum wage. However, small-sized businesses that are not under the NJ Minimum Wage Criteria are allowed to pay their employees minimum wage. They can treat their employees at their rate.

The Minimum Wage in New Jersey varies by category. If you’re a large business employee, you can expect the Minimum Wage Rate in NJ for 2024 to be around $15 an hour, up from $14.13 an hour in 2023. If you own a small business, the minimum wage rate you can earn in New Jersey is $13.50. per hour which was $12.93 per hour in 2023. If you’re an agricultural worker, you can get a minimum wage rate of $12.50 an hour for 2024, up from $12.01 in 2023. Now the New Minimum Wage in New Jersey will be effective from the 1st of January 2024.

New Jersey Minimum Wage Schedule

Effective DateNJ Large Employers (>5)NJ Small Employers(<5)Agricultural Employers
1st January 2022$13.00$11.90$11.05
1st January 2023$14.13$12.93$12.01
1st January 2024$15.00$13.50$12.50
1st January 2025$14.30$13.40
1st January 2026$15.00$14.20
1st January 2027$15.00

What is the NJ Minimum Wage and Labor Law Poster?

All employers in the state of New Jersey are required to provide the NJ Minimum Wage. The minimum wage rate will come into effect from January 1, 2024, and businesses across the sector will have to follow the new rate and also pay their workers. If your business is small and exempt from the NJ Minimum Wage, you are not required to pay employees minimum wage.

The minimum wage rule is implemented by Governor Murphy, who has aggressively worked on raising the minimum wage as a legislative priority. So after that, the employee gets an annual increase in their salary. The employer also displays an approved New Jersey Minimum Wage Poster in a prominent location to inform its employees of the minimum wage rules and their right to receive the NJ Minimum Wage set by the government. Therefore all employers must display labor law posters which should also clearly mention the minimum wage.

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What is New Jersey Minimum Wage Exemption?

According to the Fair Low Standards Act (FLSA), some of the employees are exempt from the minimum wage in New Jersey. Those employees are Special Minimum Wage under the FLSA and if they fit in the below categories then will be eligible for this wage. So you need to check the point below.

  • Student Minimum Wage: If you are a school or college student and work part-time in New Jersey the minimum wage is $12.01 per hour. If you work 20 hours per week you will be applied the NJ Minimum Wage.
  • Less than $20 Minimum Wage: If you are a new employee in a company, you will get a minimum training wage of $4.25 per hour for the first 90 days as per the federal government rule.
  • Tipped Minimum Wage: If you are working in the state of New Jersey and earn tips each month, you will be paid a lower minimum wage. Cash pay plus tipped earnings will be added to your total earnings which should equal $14.13 per hour.
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