SSI vs SSDI Benefits ~ How can You Receive SSI and SSDI Benefits at the Same Time?

Both the SSI and SSDI Programs are administered by the Social Security Administration and people receive benefits from these programs according to eligibility. SSI is Supplemental Security Income while SSDI is Social Security Disability Insurance and both are available to the citizen in case of disability, blindness and other physical challenge. Both programs will be beneficial for people after the age of 65 years and those who are unable to work due to physical disability.

So today if you are looking here to know whether you can get both SSI and SSDI Benefits Together then you have to read this article and know the major differences between them. This article will give you important updates on SSI and SSDI and you will learn more from here to get the benefits of both the programs if eligible. So lest it happen, start reading this article with full concentration.

SSI vs SSDI Benefits

The Social Security Administration provides you with benefits from several programs including SSI and SSDI that are available to those who cannot work to pay for their daily expenses. If you are disabled and unable to even work for your daily needs then you can take the help of these SSI and SSDI programs to get benefits. SSI is Disability Income that gives you a monthly basis to cover your expenses if you become disabled and are no longer able to work.

SSDI is also a Social Security Disability Insurance that also provides you monthly and you will be paid enough money for your needs. Here, SSI and SSDI are similar as both programs provide disability income to eligible recipients. Here one may get confused as to how to avail Benefits from SSI and SSDI. So I have mentioned in detail here and provided the major Differences in SSI vs SSDI in the sections below.

SSA Increase 2024

$1415 Stimulus Checks

$1751 SNAP Checks

SSDI Payment December 2023

Social Security Program Benefit 2023 – Overview

DepartmentSocial Security Administration
Article OnSSI vs SSDI
BeneficiaryAll Residents of the USA
Type of BenefitDisability Benefit
CategoryGovt Aid
Eligible AgeVaries by program
All Residents of the

SSI and SSDI Payments

In some social security programs, if you want to receive benefits, you will have to make some contributions to receive further monthly payments. The government or the concerned department will use the details you submit to get the benefits like your annual income, your age for benefits, disability status and many more. For SSI Benefits the department will verify your details to see if you are partially blind or disabled.

If you have limited income but no sources of income then you can get SSI Benefits from SSA. Additionally, SSDI Benefits can be taken into account and include your disability status and your work history. If you want to know in detail then you can check the following section and get updated information here.

SSI vs SSDI Benefits ~ How can You Receive SSI and SSDI Benefits at the Same Time?

What is the difference between SSI and SSDI?

SSI and SSDI are both SSA programs that provide financial stability for people who are physically disabled and cannot work. So those people can get SSI and SSDI Benefits from the government but everyone needs to verify their eligibility for the program. If you want to know if I am eligible for both SSI and SSDI Benefits then you need to check the difference between them. SSA provides eligibility for benefits for both programs but the main difference is that SSI depends on the individual’s age, disability status, and income source. Where SSDI depends on the individual’s disability and work history.

You can get SSI Benefits by providing some details of your disability and income source. But to avail benefits from the SSDI program you have to be an eligible contributor to this program including your work history and how long you have contributed to this program. You will be paid further SSDI benefits according to the Social Security contributions you made during the time you were working. But if you want to get both SSI and SSDI Benefits then check the following section to know better.

How can I receive Both SSI and SSDI benefits together?

Every eligible individual can apply for both SSI and SSDI programs to receive benefits. But there are certain eligibility criteria for both programs and if you are eligible and have a complete need for SSI and SSDI benefits then you can get it from SSA. You can visit the Social Security Administration website or seek help from an SSA attorney to learn better. If there is any problem in understanding the program then he can give you a proper answer whether you need to apply or not.

If you receive any benefits from the Social Security program, earned income will be counted when paying you the benefits. SSI does not include your home or other assets. There is a limit for SSI which depends state-wise. This may affect your income level for SSI Benefits. If you are going to take SSDI benefits then your age, health condition and earning history will be calculated and further SSDI Benefits will be made accordingly.

$5000 Stimulus Checks

$248/Day Approved in December

$440 Monthly Increase in Social Security

$1200 Monthly Checks

SSI Benefits vs SSDI Benefits

Both programs provide benefits in the event of disability. However, benefits may differ between SSI and SSDI. Here you will find some different things that both SSI and SSDI applicants are covered with and will be provided accordingly. If we talk about SSI Benefits then it will be available when your details get approved by the department and further SSI Benefit payment can be made available from next month. For example, if you have applied for SSI and if it is approved by the department on 1st April then your SSI benefits will be available from the next month i.e. 1st May.

In SSDI, it takes five months for you to get SSDI Benefits. If you have applied for SSDI your details will be verified later and this time may be 5 months or more. So you need to wait for your approval for SSDI benefit payment and then it will be available in your bank account. Whenever you apply for SSDI there is a start date that can be changed to let you receive benefits sooner. Only the authorized person can change the commencement date for you for which you can take the help of a lawyer. You can also take advantage of SSDI while you are disabled before applying.

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