Trillium Payment Dates 2023 ~ OTB Payment Schedule, Amount and All You Need to Know

Here is another scheme that will benefit all the citizens resident of the Ontario province of Canada. The Ontario Trillium benefit is a combination of the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit (OEPTC), the Northern Ontario Energy Credit (NOEC), and the Ontario Sales Tax Credit (OSTC) provided to eligible citizens.

It is a social program run by the Ontario provincial government to provide benefits on energy costs and other taxes to reduce the burden on low- to moderate-income households in the province. So today I am providing you Trillium Payment Dates 2023 OTB Payment Lump Sum Amount and other OTB Payment Schedule which you all need to know to get the benefit amount.

Trillium Payment Dates 2023

If you are a taxpayer in the province of Ontario and are looking for the OTB Benefit, it may be automatically started for you when you file your 2022 income tax return. You can also manually apply for Trillium Benefits Ontario from the official website if there is an issue with your available information. After you register for the Ontario Trillium Benefit Plan, OTB Benefits will be paid to you in the manner you have provided.

Ontario Trillium Benefits will normally be deposited directly into your bank account if you have provided valid bank account details. If you have not provided bank details, OTB Benefit Payment will be received through a paper check which will be available to you within the given period. You will also receive an email confirmation whenever you are paid.

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Trillium Payment Dates Ontario – Overview

Article OnTrillium Payment Dates
ProgramOntario Trillium Benefit
BeneficiaryOntario Citizen
EligibilityMust File an Income Tax Return
PurposeProvide Financial Support to Lower as well as Middle-Income Families to Cover the Energy Costs and Other taxes
CategoryGovt Aid
OTB Payment Date10th of Every Month
Upcoming Trillium Payment Date8th December 2023

OTB Payment Schedule

The Ontario Trillium Payment will be considered on your 2022 Income Tax and Benefit Return which will be issued monthly from July 2023 to June 2024. If you are entitled to the OTB Benefit then the Ontario Trillium Payment 2023 will be issued on the 10th of each month. If there is any federal holiday or weekend on the specified date then the Ontario Trillium Benefit Amount 2023 will be credited before the date or nearby the date.

There are many Ontario Citizens who are anticipating their Upcoming Ontario Trillium Payment Date 2023 which will made for them on 10th November 2023 and 8th December 2023. In case you want to get the whole OTB Benefit in one Installment then the authority will calculate your total payment and if the OTB Benefit is more than $360 then it will be available in July 2024 which is the end of the benefit year. For more can view the following sections.

Trillium Payment Dates 2023 ~ OTB Payment Schedule, Amount and All You Need to Know

What is Ontario Trillium Benefit and How to Get it?

If you are a permanent resident of the province of Ontario, the Ontario Trillium Benefit is for you. This is a program that helps eligible low- and moderate-income families reduce their tax burden. You will be eligible for this scheme if you are a legal taxpayer in this province and file taxes regularly for the tax year. All Ontario citizens will be eligible to receive Ontario Trillium Benefits from the provincial government. OTB is a combination of three different plans which will also reduce your energy cost as well as tax burden.

The annual OTB payment is divided by 12 and payments are issued on the 10th of each month. 2023 OTB payments will be based on 2022 income tax and benefits returns. If you have filed your taxes on time you will be eligible to receive Ontario Trillium benefit funds into your bank account. If you want to see how much will OTB payments be received for 2023 then check out the table below where I have broken down the details for you. Only eligible citizens can avail the benefits of this scheme by receiving Trillium Payment 2023 from the government.

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What is the Ontario Trillium Benefit 2023?

As we know Ontario Trillium Benefits is a combination of Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit, Northern Ontario Energy Credit and Ontario Sales Tax Credit. Anyone who is a beneficiary of one of the schemes from there can receive Trillium payments from the government. Below I’ve mentioned the Ontario Trillium payment that may be based on your 2022 income tax and benefits return. You can see the table below to learn how to avail benefits from OTB.

CategoryMaximum OTB Payment
18-64 years old$1,194
65-65+ old$1,360
Living in a Public Long-term care home$265
Students residing in designated educational institutions$25

What is the Ontario Trillium Payment Schedule?

OTB Payment MonthOTB Payment Date
October 202310th
November 202310th
December 20238th
January 202310th
February 202410th
March 202410th
April 202410th
May 202410th
June 202410th

When will I receive the Ontario Trillium Lump Sum Payment 2023?

As per the official update, OTB benefit is being provided on a monthly basis but if you want to get annual entitlement then the board will decide that if your OTB annual entitlement is more than $360 then a lump sum payment will be made for you and it will be 10 The benefit is available at the end of the year through June 2024.

A lump sum payment may also be made as of the end of the benefit year if your eligibility is less than $360. But there is one more criterion if you qualify and the 2022 return is assessed after June 9, 2023, then OTB payment will be released within 4 to 8 weeks of assessment of your return. So you have to file your income tax and profit return to get OTB payment online.

How to Apply for Ontario Trillium Benefit to Receive the Entitlement?

This is important for all those who want to receive OTB Payments to reduce energy and other tax burden. But for this, you will have to file your income tax and profit returns to the concerned provincial government. The details of the OTB Payment 2023 will be evaluated against the tax refund you have applied for and then Ontario Trillium Benefits will be started for you once all information is verified.

If the department has determined your eligibility for OTB Benefits then the eligibility will be generated for you and deposited directly into the bank account. In the case of families, the OSTC component of the OTB is paid to the individual, with the entire return assessed first.

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